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It has been an absolute pleasure working with Angie. Throughout my experience of building my website she has been so patient, honest, and always conducted herself in a professional manner. She is truly talented, witty and up to date with the trends for creating a website. She took the time to understand my business and given me wonderful service and great advice to enhance my business.

A HUGE thank you you goes out to Be-design for the personal and undivided attention you have given my new business! Your support and guidance has been highly appreciated! No matter what time I call or need assistance I can always count on you being there. You have helped me design an awesome look for my brand and I have been very happy with your service! Keep up the good work Angie Eatwell, I look forward to a long and happy business relationship with Be-design!

Jenna Axsel‎

BE DESIGN - Angie .. Always friendly, Prompt service no matter how short notice. Always available with a hands on approach.

Olivia’s Walkerville deli and restaurant opened its doors in April 2012.  Angie Eatwell was asked to assist in the graphic design of the logo and designing of all advertisement material including flyers and advertisements for newspapers after hearing of her excellent service.  Since the opening Angie has created and printed numerous different flyers, signs and advertisements.  Her work always looks fresh, modern and vibrant.  She is extremely professional and her products are always delivered on time.  

She also created our facebook page and website and it looks stunning.  These are updated continuously.  Her inputs into it are very valuable as she has extensive experience in how these should convey the look and feel of the restaurant.

In August 2013 Olivia’s Bedfordview opened and she was again used for all the branding, advertisements, flyers, webpage and facebook page.  Banners were printed and window signs were also created.  Every product she creates and delivers is of high quality and beautiful.  

At the end of 2013 Olivia’s name changed to Cinnamon and Ice, which meant that the logo had to change and with that all the products she made, but that wasn’t a problem.  In a matter of weeks we had all the updated material.

Thank you Angie for all your hard work and dedication.  We love all your ideas and creativity.  We at Cinnamon and Ice really appreciate it and wish you all of the best in the future.

Cinnamon & Ice Management.

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